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Interim management, project management, consulting in the healthcare and industry sectors

With over 30 years of professional experience in healthcare, machine and system construction, technical textile and electrical industry companies, Dr. Günter Peters has extensive expertise in the restructuring and reorganisation of companies and their return to profit. He also optimises structures and processes and develops modern management information systems. Dr. Peters also manages complex change management projects based on his extensive commercial, technical and legal knowledge. When effecting a transaction or filling a vacancy, he takes strategic and operational responsibility for companies.

The focus is always on the value enhancement and development of companies he is responsible for.


  • Restructuring and reorganising companies

  • Developing and implementing strategies for expanding the service portfolio

  • Revenue optimisation

  • Optimising structures and processes

  • Establishing and developing management information systems

  • Sustainable liquidity generation

  • M&A – Purchase and sale of companies incl. post merger

  • Forming and establishing companies in Asia

  • Professional experiences abroad: England, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, USA, China, Singapore

  • Specialist knowledge: German Commercial Code, IFRS, Hospitals Accounting Regulation, cost accounting, contract law, procurement law, social law

  • IT skills: MS Office, SAP, ORBIS, PSI Penta, FCS-EPS


Healthcare, hospital, medical care centres, machine and system construction, technical textiles, electrical industry

Functional areas:
Finance and accounting, taxes, consolidation, controlling, IT, HR, purchasing, sales, legal, PR, technology, internal audit

CEO, CFO, managing director, commercial managing director, commercial manager, head of finance and accounting/controlling

Restructuring, reorganisation, revenue growth, liquidity procurement and liquidity management, budget negotiations with social security institutions, M&A, post-merger integration, vendor DD, negotiations and contracts with customers, suppliers, banks and works councils, introducing and developing planning and reporting systems, transfer prices and transfer price documentation, managing up to 120 employees, board member of international companies, general management

Types of companies:
Private equity portfolio companies, group, family companies, municipal companies

Language skills:
German: native speaker, English: fluent, French: good basic knowledge, Italian: basic knowledge



Dr. Günter Peters
Fliederbusch 24, 52355 Düren

+49 (0) 160/ 9264 4382

Profiles on the Internet: