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Growth and internationalisation

Profitable growth at home and abroad is a key driver of company value. We analyse the opportunities for growth in the relevant countries both with the existing product portfolio and with further development of the company’s product range. We then develop and implement tailor-made growth strategies on the basis of the analysis data or implement them in the market.

Internationalising the company’s operations can also benefit its procurement and service provision. We develop plans to achieve this and implement them.

We successfully implement all concepts on the basis of analysis, a structured approach, experience and our intercultural expertise.


Examples of our measures are:

  • Development of new national and international markets

  • Preparation of country-specific feasibility studies

  • Creation and implementation of long-term growth strategies

  • Establishment of international sales teams

  • Development and implementation of international pricing strategies and multi-channel strategies

  • Establishment of new locations for sales, production and service

  • Development of new sources of supply through global sourcing

  • Outsourcing of services to shared service centres in low-wage foreign countries