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VIA MOMENTUM is a consulting and interim management firm.
We are all, individually and collectively, proven specialists in all aspects of private equity portfolio companies and medium-sized companies and corporate groups. This includes the development of a concept of value enhancement or the validation of an existing concept from the practitioner’s point of view, operational management and handover to a permanent management team. For the entire company or in specific areas.

Our goal

VIA MOMENTUM increases company value. That is how we measure ourselves.


The VIA MOMENTUM team acts individually or as a team with the goal of increasing company value. Whether the company is successful in a certain region and wants us to develop new markets for its competencies, or the company is in a crisis and wants us to get it back on track. With our knowledge of the right levers to pull and our management experience, we succeed in sustainably increasing company value for our clients.

A VIA MOMENTUM manager’s commitment brings multiple expertise into the company. An individual VIA MOMENTUM interim manager assigned to a company can at any time access the broad spectrum of expertise of the other partners and network partners. This helps the project to progress rapidly. Our client does not incur any further costs for this.

Every company is unique. A analysis solely on the basis of the figures does not do this uniqueness justice. You have to experience a company by “smelling, tasting and feeling it”, before you can judge it and change it.

We VIA MOMENTUM consultants and managers therefore go into companies, analyse them on site and discuss them with their employees to assess their potential for value enhancement. We then implement the concept as temporary managers with line responsibilities or support the existing management in its implementation.

When a company is acquired, decisions of great significance are made, essentially on the basis of key figures. But the acquirer often lacks a live, “hands-on” feeling to validate the decision:

  • What skills does the workforce have?
  • How motivated is the sales department?
  • What do customers and suppliers think about the company?

The VIA MOMENTUM team closes these gaps in the decision-making process with its practical advice. In addition to their professional expertise, each of our managers has a high degree of empathy and tact in dealing with employees, customers and suppliers in order to provide answers to these questions.

We at VIA MOMENTUM ultimately develop a concept for value enhancement for our clients or validate an existing concept through the eyes of a practitioner.

At the beginning of each engagement, we draw up a project plan together with the client. This shows the most important goals and the time required to achieve them in the form of milestones. During the engagement, we report to our client on the progress of the project at agreed intervals. We always communicate special events on an ad hoc basis. At the end of the project, there is an evaluation of the work we have performed with the client, and a determination as to whether the objectives have been achieved, as the basis for performance-related remuneration.

We are convinced by our own work and believe in what we do. Therefore, parts of our fee may be success-based. In certain cases, we are also prepared to invest in the companies we support.

Our values

  • Fairness: Fair dealings with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders accompany our daily actions. We always treat employees with great respect.
  • Sustainability: We pursue a future-oriented, sustainable approach and strive for viable solutions that have substance for our clients.
  • Transparency: Our work is transparent for all parties and we have no secrets whatsoever.
  • Independence: We act independently and are solely committed to the agreed objectives.
  • Trust: Our work and daily interaction are based on the trust of all parties involved, both among each other and in our mandates.

Industry experience

  • Automotive

  • Consumer electronics

  • Digital economy

  • Energy industry

  • Facility management

  • Fast moving consumer goods

  • Health Care

  • Trade

  • Capital goods industry

  • Consumer goods industry

  • Logistics

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Fashion

  • Telecommunications

  • Packaging

Advisory board

Egon Minar and Michael Pochhammer form VIA MOMENTUM’s advisory board. They advise and support the founders, Frank Rammin and Maik Rothe, on the firm’s strategic orientation and further development.

Egon Minar has more than 30 years’ international management experience in large companies and SMEs, and has a proven track record for achieving sales and earnings growth. He is a member of several companies’ controlling bodies.

Michael Pochhammer has over 40 years’ international management experience in large companies and as a consultant on interim management issues, and has a proven track record of excellent sales, growth and earnings success.

Selected references

A complete overview of our references is available here.