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Performance increase and professionalisation

We examine all parts of the value chain for their potential for results and performance and assess the company’s processes and structures. Our examination is guided by our best-in-class knowledge and our experience in various industries. Drawing on the results of our analysis, we develop measures to increase the results and the business units’ performance, and to achieve a best-in-class working method. We implement these measures together with the company’s employees.

We successfully implement our plans based upon analysis, a structured approach, experience and intercultural expertise.


This could involve the following:

  • Realignment of the product portfolio, pricing strategies and pricing models for the sales channels

  • Realignment of sales force and sales activities to the classic and digital markets

  • Development or further development of CRM and CSM systems

  • Introduction of an integrated ERP system and adaptation of the working method in the company

  • Building a well-functioning global supply chain

  • Outsourcing of internal services to shared service centres