Restructuring HR work in a hospital network and ensuring day-to-day HR operations

Healthcare foundation with 4 hospitals, 1 geriatric rehabilitation clinic, 4 nursing homes, outpatient nursing service, medical care centre, academy and nursing school, service company


  • Recording and analysing tasks and activities of employees in the HR department, conducting employee appraisals, deploying staff according to the motto “Encourage and Support”

  • Recording current HR processes

  • Recording the cooperation with all departments

  • Ensuring daily strategic and operational HR work

  • Recruitment of qualified and management personnel in the medical profession and in nursing, cooperation with personnel service providers


  • HR department realigned and handed over to new HR manager
  • New employees hired for the HR department
  • New HR processes introduced
  • Cooperation with nursing and medical profession improved


Michaela Just

Kurparkstraße 8
81375 München

+49 (0) 170 / 80 50 062