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Interim communication manager for mission-critical situations in companies

Joerg Hage has many years’ experience in strategic communication and marketing. As managing director and a member of the executive board of Hering Schuppener Unternehmensberatung, he was responsible for numerous medium-sized companies, groups and associations for more than 15 years. Today, communication makes a decisive contribution to increasing the value of a company in every mission-critical situation. With his many years’ experience and his tailor-made solutions to problems, his communication concepts, and his ideas for crisis prevention programmes, he is the perfect person to bounce ideas off.


  • Development of individual communication strategies, based on the corporate strategy and the current situation of the company

  • Positioning and topic development in current opinion-forming processes for companies

  • CEO positioning through precise topic management, taking into account an individually developed, long-term positioning approach

  • Development of cross-disciplinary communication measures involving all relevant stakeholder groups

  • Crisis communication and strategy for special situations (e.g. reorganisations, dealing with NGOs, trade unions and associations, product recall, compliance, litigation and insolvency)

  • Active control and management of communication in the event of a crisis

  • Crisis prevention – networked real-time communication among all involved crisis managers of a company

  • Change communication with close involvement of the management team

  • Digital Communication – digital strategies to shape and support the challenges of future communication

  • Development and implementation of social media strategies

  • Brand and product communication as an external partner or reinforcement of the team


Automotive, trade, food & beverage, fast moving consumer goods, consumer electronics, retail, NGOs and associations, utilities, ICT, manufacturing

Functional areas:
C-suite consulting and coaching, corporate communications, location communications, brand communications

CCO, Crisis Manager, Managing Director, Head of Communication and Marketing, owner of 2HG Strategieberatung für Kommunikation

Strategy development, consulting and execution

Types of companies:
Owner-managed medium-sized companies, corporate groups

Language skills:
German: native speaker, English: proficient



Joerg Hage
Am Roten Kreuz 19, 40667 Meerbusch

+49 (0) 151 / 573 918 61

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