Developing a strategic portfolio, optimising revenue, certification, quality management, budget negotiations, liquidity management, planning, forecasting, annual accounts for three hospitals

Hospital plc, municipal institution, €360 million in revenue, more than 4,000 employees


  • Developing and expanding the service portfolio

  • Strategic development of the three hospitals

  • Renovating operating rooms

  • Reorganising emergency services in cooperation with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

  • Introducing digital medical records

  • Implementing teleradiology

  • Building medical centre at one of the locations


  • Certification of the endoprothesis centre
  • Successful deployment of service employees in group companies
  • Expansion of the weaning process
  • Securing liquidity


Dr. Günter Peters

Fliederbusch 24
52355 Düren

+49 (0) 160 9264 4382