Market analysis and business case for an investment in narrowband IoT technology

Telecommunications, international mobile network operator group, with € 13 billion annual turnover


  • Prepared an overview of narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) applications and industries where these applications are needed

  • Analysed the value chain for IoT services and discussed the added value that network operators can contribute

  • Prepared a detailed business case for an investment in NB-IoT by a mobile network operator

  • Provided recommendations to the network operator regarding applications, industries, pricing strategies and time of market introduction


  • The client received detailed insights on customer value and applications of NB-IoT
  • Our market analysis enabled the client to better assess global trends in the IoT sector and to use them to inform their own market entry
  • The business case provided the client with crucial information on the revenue potential of NB-IoT services in various industries


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