Strategy and technology consulting for the expansion of capacities in Argentinian mobile radio networks using Wi-Fi

Telecommunications, an international mobile network operator group, with € 52 billion annual turnover


  • Structured the consulting project consisting of a main report (on capacity bottlenecks and how to remove them) and a secondary report (on partnership with a Wi-Fi specialist), project planning for four main workstreams, and stays in South America and Europe

  • Conducted interviews with stakeholders in different parts of the company, and summarised the results

  • Analysed and compiled the project presentation with a team of four consultants

  • Created various network expansion scenarios to increase network capacity, simulated the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of these scenarios, and discussed the results with the client

  • Conducted tests of the services offered by the Wi-Fi specialist and documented the results, prepared a company analysis of the Wi-Fi specialist and recommendations for action to the client on the question of a strategic partnership

  • Presented the results in three management workshops: a full-day meeting to present the main report in four workstreams (Strategy, User Experience, Technology and TCO/Total Cost of Ownership), a half-day meeting to present the side report (partnership with the Wi-Fi specialist) and a half-day meeting at group headquarters in Europe


  • The client received the information and analysis which it needed for its investment decision to resolve the capacity bottlenecks.
  • The client was also able to realistically assess the effects of various network expansion scenarios on the TCO.
  • Relying on the reports we presented, the client carried out the network expansion and achieved a high level of customer satisfaction and profitability.


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