Manage a project for launching mobile phones internationally in accordance with a global mobile network operator’s specifications

Telecommunications, international mobile network operator group, with € 48 billion annual turnover


  • Prepared and managed project kick-off meetings with internal and external stakeholders

  • Communicated with national network operators to obtain their commitment and quantity forecasts for the model’s launch

  • Interacted with internal and external suppliers in order to involve them in the project, to negotiate their requirements, to provide reporting, to perform quality control, and to resolve any issues.

  • Reviewed all product elements (hardware, software, packaging material, packaging) and negotiated corrective actions with suppliers

  • Reported project progress to the terminal programme management team and (for selected models) to higher management levels

  • Prepared, reviewed and released product-specific documents, such as data sheets, instructions for use and package inserts

  • Handed the project over to those responsible for marketing in the national companies


  • Launched seven mobile phone models on schedule and budget and according to specification
  • Achieved high customer satisfaction, as proven by internal recommendations and follow-up orders in other parts of the company


Arndt Mitwer

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