Strategic analysis on user data management for a leading global telecom network supplier

Telecommunication network supplier, with € 20 billion annual turnover


  • Analysed market trends in the area of user data management for telecom and internet services

  • Reviewed market studies by external consulting firms

  • Prepared forecasts of the development of demand for user data management solutions on the part of mobile network operators worldwide

  • Produced a SWOT analysis of the client and its offering in the field of user data management

  • Formulated goals and strategies to achieve these goals in order to remain the market leader in the mobile user data management segment

  • Presented the results in several half-day workshops


  • The client received information and market insights that enabled it to formulate its future strategy in the area of user data management.
  • The consulting project gave the client a detailed insight into market trends and new technology in the area of user data management, especially in the area of the world’s leading online services (Facebook, Google, etc.).


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