Mr. Oeschlmueller acted for more than 2 years as interim CFO, ensuring the continued existance of an Austrian high-tech company, which was at risk of insolvency.

The Chinese majority owner of an Austrian company with outstanding high technology


  • Avoided insolvency

  • Using his technology and turnaround experience, Mr. Oeschlmueller developed a restructuring plan within the shortest possible time.

  • Obtained the Chinese owner’s acceptance of the financing plan and the investments required

  • Retained key employees in the company

  • Eliminated legacy burdens that posed a threat to the company (suppliers)

  • Informed clients about the situation and pointed to the future

  • Cleaned up the financial accounting in accordance with legal requirements


  • The company went from impending insolvency to an operating profit of over 100,000 Euros within a year
  • After 2 years of involvement, the company has very positive prospects


Michael Oeschlmueller
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1230 Wien, Austria

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