Operational management and strategic reorganisation of the central administration, project management in the ERP stabilisation phase, increasing the informative value of monthly / annual financial statements and integrated corporate planning with year-end forecast

Managing Director


  • Weaknesses in controlling and ERP system identified and remedied

  • Data warehouse forms a new basis for reporting the actual values

  • Correct material movement is ensured for determining the profit for the period

  • Successful establishment of a monthly-based integrated corporate planning

  • Period-end closing and forecasting established as transparent management instruments


  • The sum of the individual measures resulted a secure preparation of monthly and annual financial statements.
  • Period-end closing, supplemented by a monthly updated year-end forecast, has firmly established itself as a control instrument in the challenging business environment
  • Reliable, timely and comprehensive reporting on the company’s assets, earnings and financial position had a positive impact on the confidence of the various stakeholders


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