Develop and establish a central and professionally acting commercial organisation from the structures of two independent companies

Fashion industry, owner-managed company, with € 85 million in turnover


  • Developed the future organisational and operational structure with regard to efficiency of working methods and further growth

  • Implemented new structures in controlling, accounting, IT and purchasing

  • Developed an efficient controlling and reporting system for all relevant areas

  • Developed a reporting system in accordance with stock exchange regulations and a risk management system


  • As a result of these measures, personnel expenses in the commercial area were reduced by 30%.
  • The result of the entire package of measures was to increase net profits by around 30%.
  • The company was financially and organisationally fit for listing.


Maik Rothe

Mühlenbergweg 9
40629 Düsseldorf

+49 (0) 173 521 6772