Building up reserves of efficiency and effectiveness and achieving cost reductions by enhancing structures and processes in production, technology and services/administration

Food manufacturer (canned fish and delicatessen products), medium-sized German company, turnover of approx. €100 million p.a.


  • Introducing team structures responsible for performance in core production for each production line

  • Integrating team managers into production line teams (capping machine position) with a focus on avoiding waste and increasing resource efficiency

  • Strengthening employee focus and target-orientated management

  • Visual management: performance transparency for all shift employees – Board meeting with the managers of each shift to discuss differences in performance and the need to take action

  • Zero-error principle: integrating QS measures – the employees working on the assembly line are responsible for the quality of products, e.g. can weights, seal leak test

  • Organising workplaces according to the 5-S method

  • Continuous improvement process: establishing teams and committees for the continuous improvement process

  • Optimising and visualising storage space

  • Restructuring order processes and employing automated raw material planning

  • Standardised planning and design tasks, eliminating procedures that don’t add value and increasing process stability


  • Relevant costs reduced by 19%
  • Two thirds of potential realised within the first twelve months


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